Moving? Get These Packing Moving Tips

Most homeowners are unaware of what to expect when packing their home. Most have a preconceived notion that packing is merely securing items into boxes, loading and transporting the box. This notion can result in quite a bit of damage being caused to furniture, belongings and their home or office. If you are not having a moving company perform your move, the take the following packing moving tips from Moving in Sydney into consideration. We have designed the tips to help ensure a damage free relocation.

Packing Your Belongings

Even with a moving company performing your move, you may opt to disassemble your furniture and pack your belongings yourself to save on the expense of the move. If you are doing the packing yourself, proper packing with the right type of materials is essential. When your boxes are packed properly, you do not have to be concerned with the box dropping or items shifting and damage resulting.

Start with preparing

Before you pack, you must have your packing materials; so, consider gathering your packing materials as a place to start. You know the size of your home, but have you considered what you’ll be taking with you to your new place. Think of the different items in your room- what you’ll be bringing with you- sort through your items, getting rid of what you will not relocate to your new home and estimate the number and sizes of boxes you will require.

One way to determine the number of boxes you will need is by creating an inventory list. By creating an inventory list you will be able to visualise what goes into boxes, what can be packed together in boxes and the sizes and number of boxes you will need to pack safely and transport your belongings.

You will need to gather the boxes. If you are not having a moving company move you to your new home, then begin to collect boxes from your local stores. Save newspaper for wrapping and ask friends and family to save newspaper as you will need plenty. Visit a moving store or a hardware store and purchase bubble wrap, mattress wrap and furniture wrap. You will also need plenty of tape, markers for labeling boxes and a notebook to create a box checklist. One great place to collect boxes is from your local liquor store asking them to save boxes with divided inserts that will be perfect for storing your vinegar, wine, knick knacks, kitchen supplies, etc.

How to Pack Your House

Don’t wait until a few days before the move to pack your belongings. Begin to pack at least a month prior to moving day. When packing, be sure to follow the guide below to help to ensure that no damage results.

Heavy Items

Always pack heavy items in small boxes; leaving plenty of room for cushioning inside the box. Also, never pack heavy items and fragile items together as you will likely find no matter how protected the box is, breakage will likely result. Never put heavy items on the top, always put them into the box first. For instance, books on the bottom and linens on the top (offering cushion with no risk of breaking).

Hazardous Materials

Pack hazardous items like bleach and paint separately. Be sure that they are tightly sealed before packing and that you label the box so that the contents are recognised.

Do Not Pack Damp Items

You’ll find that if you pack damp items like clothes, you will have very smelly items when you arrive at your new place. Be sure that all items are dry.

A Box for When You Arrive

When you arrive at your new place, there is going to be plenty of chaos. The last thing you’ll want after moving day is to have to dig through boxes, trying to find utensils and toiletries, as well as clothing, to see you through the first few days. Have a box with everything pack, so you can survive the first few days while unpacking in an organised and less stressful manner.

Bring Valuables and Important Documents with You

If you have a moving company, you may think it is safe to pack your valuable and important documents into a box that cannot be recognised and have the moving company transport the items. Don’t! Always transport your valuable like your jewelry and important documents with you.

For more moving tips that are designed to help ease the strain of moving as well as eliminate possible damage to your furniture and belongings, contact Moving in Sydney. We are the budget movers with plenty of tips to ensure quality relocations. We are also available to offer assistance with your move. Give us a call for information or to discuss our moving packages and rates.

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