While we are a local mover, we offer the best in relocations that the moving industry has to offer. Our furniture removals include all types of furniture, including grand pianos, antiques, bulky and heavy furniture and everything in between. Whether simply wrapping and moving the furniture out the front door to our moving van, or moving the furniture down flights of stairs, we can guarantee a quality move that is done fast and with the least amount of cost.

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AAA Movers is the high standard cheap Removalist Sydney that doesn’t compromise on quality. Getting your furniture from one location to the other is one of the most difficult aspects of a relocation. Your property must be properly protected just as the furniture must be wrapped or disassembled and wrapped. You must also ensure that you have the right type of moving vehicle to ensure that it is properly secured and protected while transporting. AAA Movers takes all the hassles and stress from the property owner associated with their removal.

Our furniture removalists are the best in the moving industry. Being a mover isn’t enough to ensure our reputation. We strive for excellence, outperforming ourselves on each relocation we perform.

Our guarantee to our customers, includes:

  • Furniture Removals that Remove All the Stress and Anxiety
  • Relocations with Ease
  • A Trusted Name in the Furniture Moving Industry
  • Free Online Quotes
  • Fast and Convenient Booking

We have the years in the moving industry to say that we have the experience for the to perform the most professional moves. Our services are exceptional and cost effective and always performed by a staff that isn’t just friendly, but one that is also highly trained and skilled with the best equipment, inc. We arrive in reliable trucks that are fully customised to ensure safe transport and with all the moving and packing materials to get right to the job.

We understand the necessary techniques and implement each with experience and ease. Moving furniture is our business and one that we do 7 days a week, being available for the time schedules of our customers.

We service property owners in the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Whether your move is within Sydney, or you are moving from Sydney to Melbourne, or Brisbane or vice a versa, we will get the job done with the least amount of stress and time.


We understand that not only your furniture needs to be wrapped, but your property protected or damage could result from the move. Our furniture removals include prepping your property with all the necessary protection, such as covering the stair rail, corners and the floor to ensure no scratches or damage to the furniture or your home or office will occur.

Our goal is the safety of your belongings in getting them to your new destination fast, damage-free and with the least expense. We are the removal specialists that make this happen.


For the best in removalists Sydney, including furniture removals that are done with care, contact AAA Movers at the number below. Property owners can also book their move here through online through our web page. We are the experienced removalists that don’t waste time and get the job done right, moving you to your new location in the least amount of time.

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Moving Furniture

When it comes to residential and commercial movers alike, furniture is the hardest to move. Most often, furniture is large, heavy and bulky making it difficult for the furniture to be carried outside In addition to that, it is vital for a successful and stress free move that the furniture is being taken care of and protected from potential damages like scratches and dents during the transportation.

The team at Moving in Sydney has been performing furniture removals in Sydney for many years, accruing much experience in the field of Commercial and Residential removals. We have hundreds upon hundreds of moving projects under our belt, and are proud to say we have left the same amount of clients with the satisfied feeling that only a fast, easy and effective removal service can.

For us, this has always been among the most important aspects to make our clients happy with the service we offer. When we set out to get a job done then it is our main priority to deliver exactly what we have the promise to our customers. In the case of furniture removals that are fast and reliable service, with absolute care and consideration for the value of the furniture that needs to be moved.


Some furniture removals are tougher and present larger challenges for our moving crew. Oftentimes we are being called upon buildings which offer little to no room to navigate heavy and bulky furniture, as well as multiple floors with no elevator. These kinds of moves can be very difficult for movers with little to no experience and even turn detrimental when the task is underestimated. Carelessness and lack of focus can lead to damaged furniture and even damaged walls that require time and money to fix. These kinds of errors can easily ruin an otherwise stress free move and turn the whole operation into a nightmare. That is why we will always recommend that professionals with the necessary experience be hired for furniture removals that require special skills and large amounts of concentration and precision.

When it comes to such jobs, Moving in Sydney is furniture removalists you can count on. Through many moves throughout the years, we have learned to master and appreciate even the most difficult of situations. Being faced with even the toughest moves, we have learned many tricks and are now able to say that we truly are ready for just about every situation that may arise during the job. So, if you are planning on moving and you are aware of the difficulty that may arise, ensure to hire the one moving company to take care of the job that you can truly trust.

Moving in Sydney will live up to your expectations. Our customers can count on a move that is performed quick and efficiently, at an affordable price, and most important, a Sydney relocation that is stress free and safe.


Oftentimes, furniture can be disassembled in order to make the move easier. Even the bulkiest desks, beds, dressers, tables and other pieces of furniture often have some hidden screws that can be loosened in an effort to take apart the furniture and make the job easier. Our team members are as skilled at taking apart furniture as they are at reassembling them. This allows us to offer you the service of coming to your home and making the job easier for you. We will not only take apart your furniture before the move, but we will also make sure that the pieces are properly and carefully stored so that the reassembling can take place shortly after the move is completed. Once the destination of your new home is reached, we will reassemble all of your furniture for you so that you can start feeling comfortable right from the first minutes in your new home. It is a part of the service that our customers, both residential and commercial love about us and one that has helped us becomes as successful as we are today.


If you are considering the options of performing your move yourself, or hiring us as your removal specialists, be sure to weigh all the options. There will be many difficult tasks involved on the way to your journey to your new home or office. Moving in Sydney handles all the tasks quickly and efficiently, eliminating the stress and the concern.

We are movers who offer full moving services. Just give us a call to speak with a representative of Moving in Sydney about your furniture removal Sydney. Our representative will give you all of the important information and prepare a free quote for your move.

Delegating different teams or different companies to perform various task related to relocating can be troublesome and certainly requires more effort on your side. Luckily, you don’t have to do it because Moving in Sydney can cover all stages of your removal, including post-move office cleaning!

What exactly can we do? Firstly, we can arrive to your office before the move date and asses the size of vehicle needed, the amount of time you will require for packing, any obstacles or problems that will need to be solved like carrying bulky items through a narrow walkway or stairs, the number of staff who will need to be involved and then we can produce a low and competitive price quote for you.

Once you decide to book your move with us, we can pack all your documents and equipment following your instructions. Then we will load securely packed boxes onto our van(s), transport them carefully to your final destination and unload the vehicle.

If required, we will – if agreed – assemble any furniture, including large shelving units and desks, unpack your documents and connect your appliances, like fridge etc.

If needed, we can also offer a full commercial cleaning of your old office. The only thing that will be left for you to do is connecting your computers and making yourself comfortable in a new office!


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