Office moves are a bit more complicated, but no challenge is too great for our removalists Sydney. Our experienced removal specialists have the skill and experience to move you up a few flights of stairs or across town with ease. With competitive rates that are likely the cheapest you will find in town, we have become the top choice for a removal company for all sized relocations.

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AAA Movers understands that relocating means down time to your company and that a top priority is to get your business back up and running in the least amount of time. We are a moving company that has the experience and expertise in business relocations to assure that you will experience the least amount of down time.

Prior to your move, we will get to know you and your business moving needs. Whether your needs are an internal office move, or a multi-site relocation we have the specialists to ensure that your move is one that is performed fast and offers the least amount of stress.


With office and commercial removals, you need a moving company that works not only packing and loading boxes, but one that works with all sectors of your company ensuring that each of the staff is properly managed and that the removal is one that is done with a great deal of experience in with the least obstruction to the office.

We work closely with our business owners to develop an approach that is the best solution for their relocation. We understand that getting back to business is a top priority, and one that requires the expertise of our removalists Sydney.

When your hire AAA Movers for your office or commercial relocation, we guarantee:

  • Our removalists Sydney specialists will prepare a moving plan that is specific to your office, furniture and equipment to make use of natural downtime periods such as after hours and weekend periods to ensure the least disruption to your workplace.
  • Design relocations that fit in with your operating practices and business cycles.
  • Be available to communicate with your staff so that they can plan their they can maintain productive working around your move.
  • Implement the best techniques and methods to streamline moving your furniture, equipment and office goods.
  • Design a special move programme to ensure the least disruption to your business, getting you back up and running fast.


We are the office & commercial specialists because we are the movers that have the experience to relocate companies with expert skill, ensuring a fast office relocation. From our packing techniques that include a labelling strategy to resource management and insurance, we are removalists Sydney that reduce your downtime and get your business back up and running fast.


Our removalists Sydney receive continual training to ensure the excellence of their service and with each relocation we perform we assure that we use the best approaches to minimize downtown, getting you into your new office fast.


For the best in office & commercial relocations, call the AAA Movers. We are the removals Sydney experts that get the job done right. Moves can also be booked here online through our site. We guarantee a quality move.

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Moving Offices

Hiring a moving company to perform an upcoming move takes a certain amount of work. The company should be committed and be one you are comfortable with. The team here at Moving in Sydney have performed countless office removals over the past years and are a team of movers who are respected and reputable, offering quality moves at outstanding value. We perform all size office removals, from large to small, and with each, we focus on the individual needs of the move. Our moves are professional, fast and efficient, and have minimal intrusion on your business. With years of serving private and commercial customers with quality moves in Sydney, we can honestly say we have seen it all and are capable of handling any moves. It is this experience that has allowed us to build a network of former customers, business owners in the area and other friends and associates of Moving in Sydney that will recommend us and gladly use our services again, when the time comes.


Before the day of your Sydney relocation, there are some very important things to consider. You do not want to end up having to waste time and find yourself contending with details that should have been taken care of weeks prior. One of the most important steps in preparation is packing and preparing for the transport of your items. This holds especially true when you are in charge of a large office which includes an abundance of furniture, appliances and file cabinets. Since a packing, boxing and preparing can be very hard and exhausting work, and takes you away from the operations of your business, Moving in Sydney offers packing service so that you can focus on the daily operations of your business. Our experienced Sydney movers will come to your office before your move and pack documents, secure items and disassemble furniture for easy and risk-free transport. By hiring us to do the packing for you, you have the assurance of the least amount of damage, as well as hassle free, stress free move in Sydney. We can even take care of the cleaning and preparing of your old location for you, so you do not have that burden to deal with.

Moving Offices


Setting a date, making an appointment and trusting us with your office relocation are greatly appreciated. In return, we ensure the schedule that you prepare will be respected and followed. Through the many commercial relocations in Sydney that we have been part of during the years, we have learned that office removals are even more sensitive to delays and deadlines than that of residential moves.

We make it a priority to ensure you get back to business in the shortest time possible. We understand businesses need to be there for their customers and, therefore, we are there for you during your move, finishing our job in the shortest time possible. One way in which we can speed up your move is by reassembling your Furniture after your Sydney relocation. Our skilled and experienced movers are just as talented with their tools as they are when it comes to packing and carrying your belongings. If you wish, we can reassemble all of your furniture for you and set you up to get right back to business after the move. This will save you time and have you back up and working in no time. You can find out more about our assembling service by speaking with one of our representatives. He or she will happy to provide you more valuable information about our service and answer all questions that you may want to ask.


When we first receive a call for a new office removal project, we like to find out as much about the job as possible. As it is often somewhat difficult four our clients to estimate the workload, we like having a look at the office that needs to be packed, cleared and moved before the day of the move. By getting a first-hand impression of the office that is to be moved, we are able to properly plan our manpower and equipment for the day of your furniture removal and office relocation in Sydney. This allows us to work efficiently, and it also helps us prepare for difficult situations of all kinds.


  • Our vehicles are fully equipped.
  • Our staffs are professional, fully trained, always willing to help and well experienced.
  • We will work within your budget.
  • We offer free assessment meeting.
  • We can pack and unpack all your goods, files, etc.
  • We can dismantle and fully assemble your office furniture, storage units, desks etc.
  • We have full public liability insurance.
  • We offer insurance for goods in transit.
  • We can clean the premises you are leaving.


To find out more detailed information about our office removal service then don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our representatives here at Moving in Sydney. There is much more that we would like to tell you about us as a company and also a lot that we would like to find out about you and your move. You can reach our team at 1300 727 115 to get in Contact and book your office removal.