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Packing Tips

BREAKABLES: Careful packing of glass and china is essential. First, choose a good rigid carton, and then layer the bottom of the carton with crumpled up paper; bubble wrap; or soft material, such as towels linen or cushions. Start with heavier items. Wrap items amply in paper or bubble wrap, creating a layer of glass & china of similar size.

BOOKS and records are deceptively heavy, smaller cartons will be available for these. Pack books flat down, not on their edge. Also ensure cartons are filled fully to the top, and the lid closes without any raised bumps or dips. Records should be packed on their edge, and again fill the carton fully if possible.

PICTURES: Any pictures that fit in a box should be put in a box. When packing the larger boxes you can wrap and place pictures on all 4 sides of the box with class facing outward. Then pack the box as normal with general items.

DRAWERS in chests can be left filled with linen and clothes, but ensure that heavy and fragile or valuable items are removed and the drawers open and close without snagging. Drawers in divan beds should be emptied, although light duvets can be packed in them. Plastic bags can be provided for linen and clothes. Avoid cheap black sacks they will break and empty contents.



CLOTHES can be left in drawers. Wardrobe cartons are provided on the removal day for the hanging contents of wardrobes. Please make sure all hangers are the same way round as this makes transferring them onto the rails much easier. All other small effects in wardrobes should be packed into boxes prior to removal.

FRIDGES AND FREEZES should be emptied and defrosted. Contents may be left in freezers provided that they are bagged and the journey is short.

COOKERS should be cleaned thoroughly as grease can lead to a nasty accident.

WASHING MACHINES should be disconnected and contents emptied.

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